Sex and the City 2

Last night I caved to girlie peer pressure and agreed to go watch the sequel Sex and the City film. I've avoided reading reviews but heard nothing but negativity towards the second big screen adaptation of the hit TV show, so went in with low expectations, and I'll admit I was surprised. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Ok, yes, it was just a (very long) 2 hour episode of Sex and the City, but it had me laughing at parts and, of course, I'm a girl, so I loved the fashion... BUT (and there's some rather major buts here, so I'll just stretch my fingers before launching into the list... *flex*)...

...the film seemed to be a caricature of it's former self. The outfits, although some stunning, were sometimes outlandish (yes, I know, fashion is the key stone of the movie, but seriously, a ball gown in an Abu Dhabi souk? no no, I really don't think so).

As with all that is Sex and the City, the extravagance of the UAE makes a suitable back drop for the second film, and never having the pleasure of visiting the country I can only assume that the oil rich country truly does lavish it's wealthy guests with a Maibach each to transport them from the airport to the hotel. But when Samantha continues to act like Samantha in the reserved Islamic country, the movie turns from funny to slightly cringe worthy. The berating of the Islamic traditions, sexism towards women and female dress are not quite loud and over the top enough to be funny and clever, resulting in it bordering racist. Perhaps not being American, where I can only assume the view on Muslims and Islam associated negatively in the extreme, I was slightly shocked at the decision to make their traditions fair game. Admittedly, I shouldn't be so surprised, what would any Sex and the City fan expect when you plant a nyphomaniac like Samantha in a reserved place such as the middle east.

There were moments of good old girliness, such as the foursome singing I am woman in an Abi Dhabi karaoke bar, but even then it smacked a bit of low fat cream cheese.

The storyline was true to the series, with the usual relationship dilemmas. Carrie reaches a terrible two's crisis in her marriage, fearing her and big were heading for stale boring eternal coupledom, and Charlotte becomes overtly paranoid that her perky boobed but indispensible nanny may entice her husband to cheat.

In all, great fashion, nostalgic storyline, some very VERY fit men to drool over, but I thihink I'll pass on third helpings thanks!


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